Union for Reform Judaism Member Congregation

Membership Dues

Membership is for Everyone

We are very happy you are considering joining Union Temple. We welcome any Jew, whether you were born to a Jewish mother or father or are a Jew-by-choice. We are an inclusive community.  We welcome LGBT individuals and families as well as interfaith families. See our dues schedule below to see how affordable it is to join our community. If you have questions about joining UT or dues please contact Membership. To join now, complete our Online Application.

Membership Dues 2020–2021

CategoryAnnual DuesBuilding Fund Total: Annual Dues & Building FundQuarterly Payment
Annual Safety/Security FeeAnnual Total
Family over 30$1,512.00$168.00$1,680.00$ 420.00$ 300.00$1,980.00
Family under 30 $ 866.00n/a$ 866.00$ 216.50$ 150.00$1,016.00
Single Parent over 30$1,276.00$168.00$1,444.00$ 361.00$ 150.00$1,594.00
Single Parent under 30$ 803.00n/a$ 803.00$ 200.75$ 150.00$ 953.00
Individual over 30$ 803.00$168.00$ 971.00$ 242.75$ 100.00$1,071.00
Individual under 30 $ 273.00n/a$ 273.00$ 68.25$ 100.00$ 373.00
Out of Town$ 242.00n/a$ 242.00$ 60.50n/a$ 242.00

Category Definitions

Should you have any questions about your appropriate category or changes in your situation, please contact Membership.

Payment Policy

The membership year for the Temple is September 1st through August 31st. Annual dues may be paid in full in advance. They are otherwise billed in advance quarterly at the beginning of September, December, March, and June. New members are approved by the Board of Trustees and make an initial payment for two quarters within 30 days of the time of admission. New members approved or whose initial payments are received beyond 30 days of the start of a quarterly billing period will be registered at the start of the next quarter and their payments accordingly applied.

Financial Aid

No one will be turned away because of inability to pay full dues. If you have a financial concern, please contact our Temple President or Treasurer to make an alternate arrangement. We will respect your privacy.

Automatic Re-enrollment

Once you are a member you will remain on the membership rolls and your dues will be billed quarterly. We will update you family information on a regular basis. Resignation should be made in writing to the UT Office.