Union for Reform Judaism Member Congregation


It takes a dedicated community to support a synagogue. As Jews, we are commanded as a group to pray, study, and perform acts of tikkun olam. Torah also tells us it is our duty to pass our heritage — our Torah — down to our children. One of the best ways to fulfill these Jewish obligations is to donate your time and financial support to Union Temple.

Pomegranate. Courtey flagstaffotos

The many seeded pomegranate is naturally symbolic of reproduction and growth and was an important motif in ancient Israel that in mentioned in the Torah. While associated with wealth in progeny and property, it is most especially valued as representative of good deeds.


Invest your dollars where your heart is. Our programs and services, which are open to all, depend upon financial support. We ask members and guests, and everyone who has been touched by UT, to show their love and appreciation by making a donation. You will ensure that we have the ongoing resources to meet the needs of our community. Donate Now.


To be a real part of the UT community, become a member. Then our rabbi will be your rabbi, our sanctuary yours, and our members part of your Jewish network. At Union Temple, you’ll find many ways to enrich your life including learning more about Jewish history and culture … traveling with other members to special places of interest … and more. Join UT.


Strengthen your connection by serving. You can join our active group of volunteers who welcome guests at services, sing in the choir, help in the office, comfort the sick, coordinate events, or speak or perform on Fourth Fridays. Or, create your own opportunity within our welcoming atmosphere and supportive community. Volunteer your skills.