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Ways to Help Keep Calm During the Pandemic by Dr. Rabbi Michele B. Medwin, D.Mi. LMHC

I have spoken to many people who are getting anxious about having to be home and worrying about themselves, friends, and family. I am going to put on my mental health counseling hat and offer some ways to help you cope with the stress you are feeling. First, know that it will pass. We may…Read on →

Make Payments Online

Make payments online via PayPal! To pay Membership Dues click here. You now have the ability to pay your dues in installments. We offer the options of a one-time, quarterly or monthly payment. See the “Choose Installment Frequency” box before you click the “Pay Now” button. To pay Religious School tuition, and other types of…Read on →

Mi Shebeirach - Prayer for Healing Image: ReformJudaism.org

Join Us in Reciting the Mi Shebeirach Prayer for Healing

During Shabbat services we recite the names of family members and friends of our congregants who are ill and sing the Mi Shebeirach (a prayer for healing). When you come to services you may choose to recite a name yourself and participate in the healing prayer. During our current Zoom services you may add the…Read on →