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Vision Committee & Rabbi Selection Committee

Two committees have been established in accordance with the governing bylaws to carry out that search in close consultation and collaboration with the congregation.

Vision Committee

The purpose of the Vision Committee is to work with the congregation to explore its values and identity; to engage in open and honest discussions with you about where we are as a community and where we see ourselves in years to come. The Vision Committee will carry out its mission through focus groups, individual discussions, and a survey. The focus groups will begin in the Spring of 2018 and we’ll end our information gathering in mid to early July, so that we can submit our application by August 1, 2018.

Although the Vision Committee will shepherd it, this search belongs to all of us. This is the time to let your voices be heard. When the time comes, please make sure to attend a focus group or connect with a committee member for an individual discussion.

Vision Committee Members

  • Chairs:
  • Ellen Kolikoff, Vice President
  • Peggy Lebenson
  • Members:
  • Zoë Kashner
  • Rachel Schwartz
  • Bea Hanks, Temple President

Rabbi Selection Committee

The Selection Committee will take the information and data the Vision Committee gathers and submit an application seeking a rabbi who embodies the values, skills and other characteristics the congregation has identified. Over the next year, the Selection Committee will review resumes and interview prospective rabbis. Once the search has been narrowed to two or three most suitable candidates, the goal is to create opportunities for the congregation to meet or observe the finalists.

Rabbi Selection Committee:

Chair: Rachel Schwartz

  • Bea Hanks, PresidentDoris Klueger, Honorary President
  • Hortense Hurwitz, Honorary President
  • Steven Segall, Temple Secretary
  • Abraham Barnett, Vice-President
  • Jeffrey Stein, Vice President
  • Neal Cohen
  • Didi Royals
  • Richard Goodstein
  • Hannah Schwartz
  • Jana OR Shiela Solof Or Elizabeth Palley

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