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The Rabbi Dr. A. Stanley Dreyfus Memorial Lecture

rabbi_yoel_kahnSaturday, March 25 | 6:00PM: Reception, Dinner and Havdalah  7:30PM: Lecture | 3rd Floor
Rabbi Dr. Yoel Kahn will address the topic: “Who is In and Who is Out: Identity and Censorship in Jewish Liturgy.” For thousands of years, Jews have defined themselves by who they are…and who they are not. Using prayer books and texts from across the last two millennia, this illustrated presentation explores how Jews differentiated themselves from other groups, Church efforts to censor Jewish texts, and creative literary responses which still resonate in contemporary synagogue practice. Rabbi Yoel Kahn, Ph.D., is the Rabbi of Temple Beth-El in Berkeley, California. He was ordained at HUC-JIR New York in 1985 (alongside Rabbi Goodman). He is the author of The Three Blessings: Boundaries, Censorship and Identity in Jewish Liturgy (Oxford University Press, 2011). The Rabbi Dr. A. Stanley Dreyfus Memorial Lecture is a free event, but please consider donating to the Dreyfus Fund!  Voluntary suggested sponsorship according to the following Havdalah-based levels, to be acknowledged in the lecture program: P’ri Ha’eitz (Fruits) – $36 | Minei Vesamim (Spices) – $72 | Me’orei Ha’eish (Lights of Fire) – $180
RSVP online here  (or) 718-638-7600 Ext. 1.

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