Union for Reform Judaism Member Congregation

Fourth Friday Program: We Invite You to Explore The Dreyfus Affair: Why It Still Matters

Friday, February 28 | 6:30 Kabbalat Shabbat | 7:30 Light Repast and Program |17 Eastern Parkway, 3rd Floor

The 1894 treason conviction of Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish French military officer, started a firestorm that rocked the French republic for 12 years and its ripples continue today. Union Temple member, Denise Waxman will address the historical context that preceded the Affair, introduce the main participants, relate the key events of the Affair, highlight a few note-worthy dramatic events, and touch on the issues it raised which remain so relevant today: antisemitism, the power of the press and fake news, and the conflict between raison d’etat and justice.


$10 per person

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