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Our 3-year curriculum is geared to the social and emotional development of young children. Play is an essential part of every school day, and we encourage children to learn in their own way, at their own pace. All students enjoy special weekly yoga and music classes. Our full-day program includes Spanish and German classes on Monday and Wednesday afternoons, cooking on Tuesdays, soccer on Thursdays, and art on Fridays.

The Twos program is mornings only from 9:00 to 11:30AM. For Threes and Fours, the half-day schedule is 9:00AM to 12:30PM; full days are 9:00AM to 3:00PM; After School is 3:00-6:00PM.
Early morning drop-off is available at 8:30AM for all students.

Toddler Time

Toddler Time introduces children who are under age two to the classroom. Children attend a mini school day that includes art projects, a class meeting, play and story time, and a snack. Children must be accompanied in class by an adult.

Preference is given to our Toddler Time students when applying for preschool admissions.


boy-doll-crop-edit-800-wThe goal of this year is for children to become part of a classroom community. Teachers support children through the separation process and help them integrate into the class. The environment is calm with clear routines, giving children a sense of safety and security.

Themes such as family, friends, sharing, and feelings are explored through stories, books, and songs. Art projects are open-ended, allowing children to experiment with materials creatively and at their own pace.

The Twos program is available 2, 3, or 5 mornings per week.


Building friendships is the focus of our Threes program. The curriculum addresses the importance of being a good friend, being kind and gentle, and taking turns. Teachers help children use language with respect to effectively communicate with each other.

Children are engaged in dramatic play, science projects with water and sand, block building, and storytelling. They continue to experiment with art materials in an open-ended manner and begin to explore more concrete and representational art forms.

The Threes program offers 3, 4, or 5 half days per week, and full days and After School Monday through Friday.

Fours (Pre-K) 

class-ourdoor-drawing-640-eEmpathy and autonomy are the touchstones of the Fours class, which embraces kindness and flexibility. Children are encouraged to explore new things and to persevere through challenging tasks, and they develop more confidence with each success.

Four-year-olds are ready to explore, take risks, and become more independent. Students use their social skills by sharing ideas and suggesting projects for the class. Their studies expand outside the classroom along with their growing awareness of the world. The children visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and nearby Prospect Park to observe nature. They paint self-portraits throughout the year that reflect ongoing changes in their self-awareness. The book corner is a busy hub where there are lively discussions of stories, authors, feelings, and more.

The Fours program offers 5 half days per week, and full days and After School Monday through Friday.


Music plays an integral part in every class day. In addition, every week our music specialist Ira Levin brings his guitar and wonderful sense of joy. He helps us celebrate Shabbat and leads the children in songs about Jewish holidays and the topics they are studying. An award-winning performer, Ira was the featured singing storyteller on the PBS children’s show Jaker’s! Piggley’s Storyteller’s Playhouse.


In a weekly class led by April Cantor, children are guided through basic yoga poses, helping them to gain focus and increase their body awareness. April received certification to teach yoga from Integral Yoga Institute in 1999, and she has also worked as a theater arts educator.

Spanish and German

circle-art-e-800-wFull-day students can learn Spanish or German through an interactive, materials-based program that uses toys, puppets, and storybooks to engage young children in vocabulary and conversation. The teacher begins with instruction in both the foreign language and English, and moves toward full immersion as the school year progresses. The Spanish class is taught through Wee Play Language, a unique program created to teach foreign languages to preschoolers. The German class is taught by a German School Brooklyn teacher who is a native German speaker.

Swim Class

Fours students enjoy weekly swimming lessons at the Eastern Athletic Club located on the seventh floor of our building from their licensed and highly skilled instructors.

Brooklyn Museum Art Program

at-bma-e-800-wIn seven visits over the course of the school year, the Fours explore selected galleries with a Museum Educator. Back in the classroom, the children further study what they experienced and produce their own art based on the objects they saw in the galleries.

The Threes explore an annual theme over five months, January through May. Each month they focus on a different object from the museum’s collection and learn about it through music, movement, art projects and activities. At the end of the school year, there is a special UT Preschool family day at the museum.

Union Temple Preschool developed this innovative art program with the Brooklyn Museum. In a previous unit, students studied and worked with patterns and textures after visiting the Islamic Gallery to view textiles. At a visit to the Egyptian Gallery, students viewed animal sculptures and jewelry and explored the role these items played as symbols in Ancient Egypt.

Summer Program

For seven weeks from mid-June through July, children enjoy indoor and outdoor play, weekly swimming lessons, and local field trips. The Summer Program is open to children entering the Threes, Fours or kindergarten in the fall, and we welcome current students as well as children who do not attend Union Temple Preschool.