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Getting Worse Before it Gets Better:  How Jacob Can Help us Weather the Months Ahead

Back when I used to fly a lot—not just pre-COVID days, but in my professional life as co-director of a national organization, I felt like I was constantly getting on and off planes. And every time, all around me, I’d see folks settling in, opening a book, or nodding off before takeoff. But not me….Read on →

Rabbi Kolin on Transgender Day of Remembrance

Many years ago, I was leading a birthright trip to Israel. Early on, one participant very nervously came to talk to me. She shared with me that she was a lesbian and she wasn’t sure how the other folks on the trip would be with that. Being pretty sure of our Reform Movement group, I…Read on →

Hachaziki et Yadech: Grab Someone’s Hand and Life-Giving Waters Appear

Four years ago, I sat with friends and watched the presidential election. As the votes came in, my sense of dread increased. This was not partisan dread. As an organizer, I have a deep respect for the power that a multiplicity of voices in the public square has to make real and enduring change. But…Read on →