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The “Hey” of God’s Blessing: A Wellspring of Inner Strength

This week, our congregation gathered to make a huge and historic decision about our future. We voted to merge with CBE, our sister Reform congregation just up the road a bit. The evening was a powerful mix of storytelling, connecting with one another, dreaming, and honoring a full range of real and authentic emotion. It…Read on →

Grounding in Torah for Congregational Vote

We are on a journey right now and here tonight. And this week’s Torah portion—perhaps somewhat presciently— is about our quintessential journey. God comes to this guy named Avram, who had been just going about his business and then one day, God says to him Lech L’cha, Avram. Lech l’cha meiartz’cha—Go, from your land. U’mimolad’t’cha—from…Read on →

A Holy and Human Hesitation After the Flood

There’s a piece of music that’s been circulating on social media this week and probably a lot leading up to this week, but it just got to my circles now. It’s a piece that is being created on the spot by a couple, the Bengsons, Abigail and Shaun, who have been singing new songs, kind…Read on →

Ayeka, Where Are You?: God’s First Question for Us

I think maybe the most common question asked throughout a day might be: How are you? And the most common answer? Good! Fine. Okay. It’s almost a reflex. How are you? Good. Really? No. But we rarely ask the “really” part. The one who asks, though surely well-meaning, probably doesn’t have time for an actual…Read on →

A Time to Uproot What Has Been Planted: Rabbi Kolin’s Erev Sukkot Sermon

On Tuesday night, as I listened to the presidential debate, there was a moment when I audibly gasped. A lot of the debate felt predictable or uncomfortable or, at times, demoralizing, but this moment made my blood run cold. There were five words uttered that were all over the airwaves this past week, and they…Read on →